Asad M Ansari_mew
Asad M. Ansari

Asad is a management consultant and a published author. He is a student of Mishkah University and is pursuing his bachelors in Islamic Studies. He attained his Master’s in Engineering and Management with concentration in Technology Entrepreneurship. He is involved with other community based projects through Mishkah, and is also a founder of – a Craigslist like service for Muslims.

Hatem Al-Haj
Advisor & Co-founder

Dr. Hatem is a medical doctor and also a dean in the college of Islamic Studies at the Mishkah University. Dr. Hatem attained a M.A. in Sharia from the American Open University, and a PhD in Sharia from Al-Jinan University in Lebanon, graduating with the highest honors in both degrees. He has published various academic works in both Arabic and English. He has and continues to spend great amount of effort in clarifying and removing misconceptions about Islam – and his work can be accessed here (

Our Valuable Team Members

  • khaled Elkilany
    Khalid El Kilany

    Born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, Khalid El Kilany holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Arts (English Department.), with minors in Humanities studies (Education, Psychology, and Management). He is currently working towards completing a bachelor’s degree from Dar-Oloum, Cairo University’s Arabic Language and Islamic Studies Department, as well as an additional bachelor’s degree from the Islamic Studies and Arabic Language Department from the American Open University. He is actively involved and supervises some programs at Huda TV (in Egypt) along with his on-going support for Mishkah University

  • Scott Jaspen1
    Scott Jaspen

    Scott is an Italian/Russian convert from New York City. Scott left atheism and accepted Islam in September 2010, after doing much research and coming to the conclusion that there could be no other possible truth. He is pursuing his Islamic education at the Mishkah University. Upon becoming better acquainted with the religion, Scott decided that he would serve his life in the service of Islam, by helping it in ways that he felt were beneficial to the general population. He currently works as an editor with the International Islamic Publishing House, the Islamic Research Center for Academics, the Islamic Research Foundation of New York, as well as assisting with various other projects.

  • Iram Hasan

    Iram is a pharmacist by training and currently working within the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus in medical education and medical writing. She is currently a student at Mishkah University where she is pursuing her Islamic Studies. She is a contributor to the Medicine and Sciences portion of the IslamProven website.

  • Salman-Hasan1
    Salman Hasan

    Salman began pursuing his Islamic Studies at Mishkah University as a part time student in May 2012. He is a management consultant at Accenture with an MBA from Georgia Tech that focused in Technology Strategy.