Why I Admire Muhammad
Author: Muhammad Zulfikar Rakhmat
Uploaded: March 26, 2015
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The author writes about how Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is important to him, as an individual with disabilities, and to other Muslims with disabilities.

"Prophet Muhammad was the initiator and defender of disability rights.1,400 years ago, he made sure that people with different abilities were catered for and were given their rights and privileges, including the right to a normal life just like anyone else. The Prophet stood for human rights and abolished discrimination based on disability, which was prevalent during pre-Islamic times."

How is this related to Islam?

Islam's last and final Prophet treated disabled people with respect and compassion. The Prophet brought about many positive social changes during his time.

"The Prophet is indeed my source of inspiration to help and advocate those with disabilities. He called the people to relive others from hardship. He said that whoever removes difficulties in people's life in this world, God will remove his or her difficulties in hereafter. He also called the entire society to follow his examples in taking care those with special needs by promising that "you are given your sustenance and victory for the virtue of those who are weak amongst you.""


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