This study obliterates the myth that Muslims are more violent
Author: Zack Beauchamp
Uploaded: May 8, 2015
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This article addresses the controversial question of whether Muslims are more violent than others because of their religion. The author argues that those who believe this to be true usually do not have any evidence proving their claims. According to UC Berkeley Professor M. Steven Fish, Muslim-majority countries tend to be less violent than non-Muslim countries.

How is this related to Islam?

Islam is a peaceful religion, that emphasizes the importance of utilizing non-violent means to resolve conflicts. “And good and evil deeds are not alike. Repel evil with good. And he who is your enemy will become your dearest friend.” (41:33-34)

Many violent acts that are committed by Muslims are politically motivated rather than religiously. Also, if a Muslim commits a crime the blame should not be placed on the religion but rather the individual. There are over a billion Muslims in the world and the majority of them are not violent people.