Stanford scholar explores Arabic obsession with language
Author: Biliana Kassabova
Uploaded: April 2, 2015
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"Through a study of metaphor in medieval Arabic literature, Stanford comparative literature professor Alexander Key finds that the Arab world had a head start on the West when it comes to understanding how language works."

"According to Alexander Key, an assistant professor of comparative literature at Stanford, these ancient academics were essentially "giving an account of human cognition through an analysis of what happens in your brain when you read a metaphor.""

"Key's latest research showcases the Arab world's unique understandings of language across grammar, logic, poetics, law and theology. "

How is this related to Islam?

Allah revealed the Quran in Arabic, the language of the last and final Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The Arabic language was and still is a very comprehensive language. As stated in the article, the Arab people were very advanced in their usage of different figures of speech such as metaphors. The Quran especially appealed to the Arab people due to its beautiful style and fluency.


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